Levi’s Story

This family has a very special place in my heart. I met the Narins family a year and a half ago when they came to me to take their family photos. Mom was about 8 months pregnant with their 4th child and I was scheduled to take their newborn photos once baby Levi arrived. Unfortunately, that photo session was not how we planned it.


The family received extremely troubling news about Levi’s health less than 24 hours after welcoming him home.   As you may or may not know, when babies are born, they are screened, through MN Dept of Health, for numerous rare diseases / disorders. They found out sweet little Levi tested positive for an extremely rare disorder called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID).  Basically, he was born without a properly functioning immune system.  Levi was immediately admitted to Children’s Hospital to keep him healthy (avoid infections and viruses). Fortunately, Dr’s cleared me to photograph Levi in the hospital when he was 3 weeks old. Levi then lived in the hospital for the next 5.5 months, 163 days to undergo several tests to determine best treatment, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.


Levi was discharged at the end of April 2018. While the family was ecstatic about this they were also a bit nervous bringing him home. Levi had the equivalent of an embryonic immune system and with 3 other siblings in the home germs were a serious concern. Because of his immature immune system, Levi was in isolation at home for a few months. He was able to go on walks with a mask and stroller rain cover but couldn’t go to public places for a while. He was still having lots of meds and clinic appointments. He was working with specialists to get his eating, gross/fine motor skills caught up, and hopefully not get readmitted for illness in the meantime.


Today Levi is cured and turned ONE this past Nov. I was honored and thrilled when Levi’s mom contacted me to photograph the family ALL together as a celebration of Levi’s health and ability to be OUTSIDE without a mask and to go into public places. What a journey this family went through. For me to be able to capture this time for them was very rewarding and a bit emotional-being a mother to 3 little girls and having gone through the bone marrow transplant process with my mother when I was a child. Levi’s donor saved his life! What an incredible gift he gave Levi.


You too can save someone’s life; I encourage you to consider signing up to be a donor. Sign up here:


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