Session Info

Prior to your session, we will discuss any specifics that you may have in mind; photo props, outfit choices, etc. When I know this information before hand, I can ensure that I can bring any additional props or accessories to the session. Within a few days of our session being completed, I will post a sneak peak of your session, on my Facebook page, Heidi Torgerson Photography Facebook page (if you singed the release form). I will have sessions fully edited, completed and placed in an online password protected client gallery for your viewing and photo purchase.

Please keep in mind when scheduling sessions for infants or small children, it is best to schedule them around your child’s “normal” schedule. Whenever possible, try to avoid scheduling around your child’s meal time and nap time. If this is not possible please be sure they’re not coming on an empty stomach. Feeding your child a snack prior to your session is a good idea so we don’t have to take snack time during the session and kids with a satisfied tummy equals better cooperation and more smiles ☺ If you plan to bring any “incentive treats” please try to bring something that won’t leave a mess on their face or clothing.  Fruit snacks or marshmallows are a great choice.

I am often asked for my opinion on what to wear during my session. Here are some general tips I can offer:

-Colors and textures are fantastic, but keeping it simple at the same time.
-Accessories can add a great bit of detail; a favorite hat, scarf, hair accessory, teddy bear.
-With multiple people, dressing in similar colors or styles of clothing looks best
-If your session will be outdoors, make sure you dress weather appropriate so you’re most comfortable. Dressing in layers in the cooler months is always a good idea.
-For ages 3 months to 2 years of age, if you’re wanting your child to wear a dress please be sure it’s either long enough or has a diaper cover so we’re not having a diaper show up in the photos. I love photographing children candidly and in the moment, but that is easily distracted if we’re continuously “fixing” outfits.